Mauritius. Paradise For Some. Painful Hell For Laboratory Animals.

article-2550368-1B2522A400000578-211_634x370An adult monkey undergoing a TB test, where a needle is inserted into its eyelid. 

January 21, 2014 NAVS (National Anti-Vivisection Society) published a report about the primate trade in Mauritius. Thousands of monkeys are bred in farms in small cages. Many of them caught in wild by nets or simply by grabbing their tales and pulling them down. Frightened monkeys are being held down, tattooed without anaesthetic, injected and examined as they await a flight to the UK, European Union and U.S to be used in scientific research. article-2550368-1B25222800000578-525_634x446A baby monkey is tattooed for identification purposes


NAVS did their secret investigation in one of  the key breeding facilities – Biodia in Mauritius who continue to take monkeys from the wild, terrifying the animals and destroying family groups. Some wild monkeys are sold for vivisection, but often dealers do this to restock their breeding factory farms – enabling them to claim they are captive bred animals. Frightening and painful procedures included monkeys being pinned down by several workers to have blood sampled and repeated testing for tuberculosis which involves the animals being injected into the upper eyelid. Tiny babies are fully conscious while tattooed with the numbers used to identify them as they are sold around the world for research. article-2550368-1B25219C00000578-74_634x377

Once sold the monkeys are packed into small travelling crates and shipped all over the world to be experimented on, including Europe and the USA. It is probably the last time they will see daylight – a typical, direct flight to the UK will take about 12 hours, flights with transfers longer – before their crate is loaded into a vehicle and driven to the final destination. There, at the laboratory, the crate is finally opened. Just to be put into another cage and there live the rest of their days tortured by different experiments that ‘scientists’ put them through.

Who does the transports of these monkeys? Air France passenger and Air France-KLM cargo. airfrancecargoPhoto from BUAV

And please read more about this horrifying cruelty that European Union has NO control over. Just a few days ago the Home Office (UK) admitted to NAVS that it no longer checks and approves overseas breeding facilities, instead leaving it up to laboratories… So in other words they don’t give a shit about how these animals suffer! (Excuse the language).

Contact Air France KLM to tell them that you will be flying with other airlines until they pledge to stop transporting primates for research.

  • By post: Alexandre de Juniac, CEO, Air France-KLM, 10-14 Rue de Rome, 93290 Tremblay en France, Paris, France
  • Online: Air France website and KLM website
  • Facebook: Air France and KLM
  • Twitter: @AirFranceUK and @KLM

Contact your MP and contact your MEP and urge them to press for and support a phase-out of the use of primates in research.

article-2550368-1B2521C000000578-863_306x423A mother with arms and tail pinned behind her back as her baby clings to her…

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19 thoughts on “Mauritius. Paradise For Some. Painful Hell For Laboratory Animals.

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    • Thanks Buddy2Blogger. The more we keep spreading the word the more people will come to know the horror, what is taking place within those close doors of “Laboratories” .


  2. How can people call themselves civilised when they perform these barbaric acts in the 21st century!!!
    These so – called scientists are rewarded for this behavior, so again it is about GREED ABOVE COMPASSION.


    • To add to my previous note, that the research chemist Dr. Edward Sharpe points out that Cancer tumors found in animals are of a completely different nature than the ones found in Humanbeings.!!! Then again we need to know that Penicillin was found NOT the results of using any animals. Also Polio vaccine was NOT the results of Animal experiments. Many other findings and conclusions are given in respect of the medicine is concern & as well they are NOT due to the results of any kind of animal experiments. Now tell me the real truth behind this massive BOGUS Animal experiments why do they exist?? Simply to grab the money from unsuspecting customers, which is carrying out while giving total misinterpretations to mislead the general public, and with the few governing authorities involved in it too, to rob the tax payers precious funds. Even the former American Cancer Society President Dr. Marvin Pollard has acknowledged that there are many problems with Animal studies.
      He said “My own belief is that we have relied too heavily on animal testing & we believed it too strongly. Now, I think we are commencing to realize that what goes on in an animal may NOT necessarily be applicable to Humans”
      OK now this is a classic example what this Dr. had to say about Animal testing. There are many more scientists expressed their disagreement with these animal experiments. Yet the so called reserchers or the Thugs does not want to accept the truth because they are very much shaken to realize the truth is slowly surfacing among public. They still keep hanging onto these animal testing while misleading the public and supporting the pharmacutical companies to carry on the evil experiments. If these so called reserchers has nothing to hide then why they are so evasive let the public know exactly what is going on behind closed doors? These testings are always hidden and it proves that there are seriously inherently evil stuffs are taking place. It is time to stand up unitedly the civilians and the governing parties equally to STOP this heineous miserable useless testings done on voiceless helpless sentient beings. Infact there are several countries in the world have taken the steps to BAN animal testings permanently. EXample Sao Paulo, Brazil has banned animal testings and with the law breakers with Heafty fines. Also India just recent months announced that they too have Banned Animal testings and severe punishments for the law breakers. Why not this so called ‘Developed” countries cannot stop this massive brutality done on our not so much protected animal friends? We always talked about the human rights? What about the innocent animals? Are we so ruthless to give them at least a minimal Basic rights towards these sentient beings???


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  4. Why on earth these such innocent voiceless creatures are being brutally inhumanely subjected to evil experiments unnecessarily in laboratories.? Why do these defenceless animals have to die in the name of hoax practices those THUGs carrying out in the name of science? These helpless animals are being subjected to procedures that involve massive pains, sufferings & long lasting implecations. If at all if there are any accetable scientifically justified reasons for such brutality showers upon innocent lives?? These so called Lab experiments are funded by the Federal Grants and through the Tax Payers money?? These Tax payers moneies are being allocated in Millions of Dollars each year for the totally WASTEFUL & Unnecessary, silly and Irrelevant experiments? Why? Who are the THUGS involved in this massive scams?? Don’t waste the precious tax payers money on such evil animal experiments any more. Bring the new laws to implement according to the new era. Wellknown true scientists have commented over & over again & again that the “Animal experimentation is unnecessary, unjustified & unprincipled, it’s only function to financially benefit those who exploits animals” More over they did the research and confirmed in various occassions that the animal experiments cannot be compared to Human experiments at all. In other words that the treatments done on animals with medications are not acceptable towards curing the Human deseases. So why this cowardly experiments done on helpless animals? Does anyone need to be a rocket scientist to understand?? Those greedy profiteering cowards be brought to justice. These rouge so called scientists are the lowest vermins on this planet earth. Stop this rediculous misleading scientific research laboratory experiments done on sentient beings. I hope those THUGS must be punished by the power of the god and what goes around comes around need to come true & must be showered upon them in return.


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