Happy New Year And Thank YOU Everyday Heroes! #2014


This has been a long difficult year for those people and animals that die in cruel ways by the hands of ”people” who find pleasure in bringing pain. 

But now is the time to put that behind us, leave it in 2013 and to look forward too and fight harder in 2014. Thank’s  to all of you who have been reading my blog, and to all those who have been leaving comments and shared my blog to others. A huge thank you to all who have shared links to petitions and stories regarding animal and human rights. 

Together we have watched cruel disgusting reality for other living beings but instead of ignoring and forgetting we try to do something about it.

Thank’s to YOU I hope that those who didn’t know or those who didn’t care now see that a life is a life no matter if it’s a furry bunny, a horse, a dog, cat, rat, a child or a grown man or woman. We all have a heart that pumps blood in veins, we all have lungs (or gills) that breathe the same air. We all have a soul and do not want any pain or suffering. 

YOU are such beautiful people and I wish you all the best and love for the new year, here’s for making 2014 the year when good wins over evil! Love you guys!happy-new-year-2014-HD-wallpaper


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6 thoughts on “Happy New Year And Thank YOU Everyday Heroes! #2014

  1. A most EVIL MAN: Michael Garritson is a man who lives in Valley Center, California. He has a past history of killing an infant in his wife’s care, and committing felony animal abuse, and then later, convicted of felony abuse of a severely autistic patient in his care. WHEN will this country realize that people who abuse animals also ABUSE helpless vulnerable people like infants and severely disabled people! And they are EVIL THey always play the “victim” while they are victimizing those around them. They are parasites. Working inside homes where they can take advantage of those they work for. We need NEW LAWS that provide the harshest punishment for people who abuse babies, animals and severely disabled or elderly people who can’t DEFEND themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael Garritson has a fan pool, as do many evil people. They usually manipulate their family members to think they have done no wrong, just see all the DATELINE SPECIALS where a family member has done something HORRIFIC and the stupid family members think the murderer or abuser did “no wrong.” For example, John Garritson. Blake Garritson. Jarrod Garritson. Heather Garritson. Linda Garritson. Michael Garritson. All associated with this family and involved in covering up the father’s crimes.

    IF THIS ANIMAL ABUSER would have been STOPPED he would NOT Have gone on to ABUSE a helpless autistic person@!


    • Hi and thank you Hillman for writing and visiting 🙂 That is a absolutely horrific story and I will read more about it. This needs to get ore attention. Disgusting and a sad example of how screwed up this society is. 😦


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