Another Red Wolf Found Shot!

Disgusting 😦

Exposing the Big Game

Red wolf found shot Nov 18 2013

An FYI to red wolf advocates, friends and family. We are in a crisis with the ongoing illegal killing of wild red wolves. Please be aware that the photo is wrenching. Do not view it unless you are prepared to see what a bullet can do to a red wolf. Check out our Facebook page for updates and also our web site at


Red Wolf Coaltion – Board of Directors, Chair


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Red Wolf Recovery Program
P. O. Box 1969
Manteo, North Carolina 27954

Contact: David Rabon, 252-473-1132 ,

November 20, 2013

Photo available at

Red wolf found shot in Washington County, N.C. on Nov. 18, 2013. This is
the fifth red wolf killed or missing in less than a month. Photo by USFWS.

*Federal Officials Request Assistance Regarding Latest Red Wolf…

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2 thoughts on “Another Red Wolf Found Shot!

  1. Find the culprit & the Barbarian who did this to the poor wolf…and give him the same treatment. The laws are so stupid in the country and that is why these innocent animals have to pay a very high a price with their fragile lives.


    • Agree! To many trigger happy idiots out there.. Wish they could take a step back and enjoy the beauty of an animal and in this case the wolf.. One day we will have no wild animals and the only way to see them will be in crowded zoo’s..


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