Remember Oliver The Broken Bear?

Well to be honest can anyone who have seen him forget about his old crocked body? His deep brown eyes,his long body and short legs. He is such a beauty! Oliver2 For those of you who haven’t heard of him, he is a bear who spent 30 years in bile farms in China. Going through painful bile extractions every day, having a tight metal frame cutting into his flesh all while living in a cage so small that affected his whole poor body. I wrote about him here the first time, please visit and read his story: Oliver The Broken Bear Free After 30 Years In Bear Bile Farm In China  
img_album_oliver_003Oliver is still going strong. Animal Asia foundation have cared for him for 3 years so far and he spends the days plodding along in his enclosure free from the daily torture he endured. Animal Asia released a new video about this old man that I want to share with you. It shows Oliver getting a surprise that he thoroughly enjoy.

This next clip is also of Oliver after he recovered from a eye surgery back in February.

So day by day Oliver and the other bears can put the torture they have been put through and live in peace as they so deserve. But remember there are still other bears and animals who are in deep trouble still. Animals that are being tortured as you read this.

The photos and videos are from Animal Asia, thank you for all the hard work you do!


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