Gus, The Depressed Polar Bear Dies Age 27 In New York

29.1n009.gus--300x300Yesterday the depressed polar bear Gus finally fell asleep after living 25 years in Central park’s zoo. He came there as a cub from Toledo Zoo, Ohio, US in 1988. 1994 the zoo brought in a therapist to see Gus since his behaviour had worried zoo keepers when he was found doing not much else than swimming in the pool in his small enclosure. The therapist prescribed toys and games to try to help Gus beat the depression. On Monday the Veterinarians checked Gus out and found a large, inoperable tumour near his thyroid. He was euthanized while still under anaesthesia, zoo officials said.

Gus, a 17-year-old polar bear, frolics near the vent of a water circulation system in the polar bear exhibit at the Central Park Zoo in New York in this file photoCredit: Reuters/Peter Morgan/Files

He spent his last two years all alone after his mate Ida died in 2011……

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2 thoughts on “Gus, The Depressed Polar Bear Dies Age 27 In New York

  1. These animals are pretty intelligent and knows what is happening around them & their sorroundings. Being a lonely Polar bear and without a pal to play around obviously might have given him the psychological stress and feeling abandoned. So sorry for the beautiful Polar bear’s demise. I hope that in this new era & the with the new generation of people …they will come to understand that confining these polar bears or any other wild animal is totally unacceptable & unethical way. Leave them where they belong & people need to be educated to be kind & compassionate towards the othr living beings/creatures as well.


    • You are so right Manel, I always think it’s strange when they talk about people getting educated when seeing animals living unnatural lives. I hope you are right that the children of today will realise how wrong it is with these prisons and animals forced to entertain people. Thankfully Gus are in a better place now after all the ‘life’ he had must have been so long and boring.. 😦


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