@imperialcollege (Imperial College London) Torture Animals *Photos*

image-30-w640h480“The UK has one of the most rigorous systems in the world to ensure that animal research and testing is strictly regulated.” -Home Office Minister, Lynne Featherstone, 14 July 2011.

image-1-w640h480The UK Government and research industry claim that the country has some of the highest welfare standards in the world for animals in laboratories. image-6-w640h480

“Because I am doing feeding studies, I want to make sure that I don’t crack their teeth (laughs)…sometimes if you tighten it their teeth break and that’s not really useful when you’re doing feeding studies.” – A researcher puts a rat into a device ready for brain surgery. image-12-w640h480

“Is there anyone here that knows about how much of analgesic I have to give to my mice?” – A researcher who did not know how much pain relief to give mice subjected to invasive brain surgery. image-9-w640h480

“The thing is if the Home Office had seen it that would have been the end of that project licence probably.” –A NACWO commenting on a researcher whose mice were found dead. image-10-w640h480

“If you see them wake up, just give them a bit more but don’t go more than 2.5 I think” – A researcher telling a student what to do with anaesthesia during brain surgery. image-34-w640h480“So I find it quite difficult as I’m not a surgeon….. I generally don’t like to operate. I’m a bit clumsy with my hands.” -A researcher comments on his ability to carry out delicate surgery on mice.


“The licence is pretty generous actually. We’ve written it so that it’s quite good at, we can do all sorts within reason (laughs), anything you want to we can…” -A researcher’s response when asked about the scope of his Home Office project licence. image-16-w640h480image-19-w640h480

These photos and comments are from an undercover investigation made by the BUAV. They were founded in 1898 by Frances Power Cobbe (1822 to 1904). And they continue to work professionally on animal testing issues. Please watch their 9 minute film: 

Please visit their page about the Imperial College London, there you find lots of facts and photos how they treat the animals: License to kill and write to Imperial College London too, asking them WHY and tell them to stop the torture: Twitter and homepageimage-20-w640h480Please also sign their petition to the home office and Rt Hon Theresa May MP.

You can also send a tweet and share this disgusting cruelty on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. They need to get their license revoked right now. There are NO need for animal testing and not this cruelty that this college subject living creatures too.  image-28-w640h480image-29-w640h480Thank you BUAV for your great work!

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