Christopher Davies Who Used His Dog As A Punch Bag Escape Prison Sentence

A THUG who brutally punched and kicked his pet dog in Chelmsford, Essex has been told he can never own animals again.

Christopher Davies, 35, repeatedly punched his dog named Max on the muzzle, before delivering upper cuts to its lower jaw with a mobile phone and landing kicks in an unprovoked attack.

Max was quickly removed from Davies’ home the next day where it appeared very anxious and had a high temperature, which could have been as a result of stress. Max is now in a kennel waiting for a new home. If you can help,please call: Newsdesk on 01245 602721

article-2342513-1A584586000005DC-296_634x510So how are the council gonna make sure that he will never get a dog again? It would be enough for him to move to another area and there get a dog again. Are they sure he does not have any other animals? Children? Because a person who can beat an innocent animal for no reasons at all he will soon move on to other targets…



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4 thoughts on “Christopher Davies Who Used His Dog As A Punch Bag Escape Prison Sentence

  1. There hhas to be better laws to protect animal abuse. Jail time equal to or greater than assault on humans because pets give their love unconditionally


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