Chinese Man Abused Daughter: Scalded Head with Boiling Water, Mouth Sewn with Fishing Line.

Head Scalded with Boiling Water, Mouth Sewn with Fishing Line. Forcing her to kneel on broken glass, pricking her fingers with needles… Xiao Li of Jinsha county Shichang town Goupi village has suffered this kind of abuse for 5 years, the perpetrator being her own father. 11-year-old Xiao Li is covered with injuries as you will see.

china-guizhou-little-girl-abused-by-father-burned-head-boiling-water-d (1)Inside the Shichang hospital ward, a reporter met Xiao Li. If it weren’t for the doctor’s introduction, no one would have believed this withdrawn, wound-covered, emaciated little girl is already 11 years old.


The hospital-issued hospitalization records say in the 6 years prior to the child patient entering the hospital, her father has often used wooden sticks, ropes, and such things to hoist the child victim up to be beaten, used sewing needles to prick the child’s fingers and arms, causing injuries to the child’s soft tissues all over her body, and what more, often let the child go hungry, causing the child’s development to be poor, nutrition to be poor, and her entire body being thin, with multiple scars on her face. Most of the hair on the top of her head no longer grows, with abnormal skin temperature and humidity, poor elasticity, and some of her wounds are infected, with pus leaking out.


The grandmother says Xiao Li is the family’s eldest child, with 1 little sister and 3 little brothers. Like many children in the rural village, Xiao Li started helping with household chores at the young age of 5, waking up every day at dawn to go out and cut hogweed, then go to school, coming home after school in the evening to do other household work.

She doesn’t remember when it began but Xiao Li often was yelled at by her parents, and her diligence and hard work not only did not get her parents’ forgiveness but escalated the verbal abuse to beatings.

In addition to verbal abuse and beatings, Xiao Li also often did not get enough to eat, sometimes only eating one meal a day.

china-guizhou-little-girl-abused-by-father-burned-head-boiling-water-c-600x399As a result of not eating enough long-term, Xiao Li’s size resembles that of an average four to five year old child.

“He sometimes even beat me along with her, using tobacco stems hitting my back, hitting my head with pot lids…” As Xiao Li’s grandmother brought these up, old tears began flowing. Seeing her precious granddaughter suffering such vicious abuse, she too tried stopping her son, but to no avail. What made her even more terrified was that when she could no longer bear the beatings, Xiao Li would run to her grandmother’s house to take refuge. but Yang XX would chase her to her grandmother’s house, and even beat his own 72-year-old mother as well…

As for why her son often violently hit her granddaughter, the old grandmother was unable to say the reason why as well. She says maybe it is because of [her son’s] preference for sons over daughters, but in short, Xiao Li would always be beaten by her son for various excuses.

china-guizhou-little-girl-abused-by-father-burned-head-boiling-water-04Fingertips riddled with scars from needle pricks.

October 17th last year (2012), Xiao Li came home after going into the mountains to cut hogweed, and before she could eat, Yang XX without explanation picked Xiao Li up by both her legs and pressed her head into a pot of boiling water.

Shichang town police chief Fang Xuping explains that at present, Yang XX has already been administratively detained, the police are currently investigating and collecting evidence, and shall in accordance with the forensic appraisal of the injuries administer justice against Yang XX in accordance with the law.


Source: ChinaSmack

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6 thoughts on “Chinese Man Abused Daughter: Scalded Head with Boiling Water, Mouth Sewn with Fishing Line.

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  2. Hey Yoo Sorry No Speak Much Yesterday ! But Was Truly Sadened By What That Evil Did To His Daughter ! I Can’t Call Him Her Father Because A Real Father Is Caring of His Children Yoo Keep Uuup Yoor Good Work Letting World Know Truth N Namaste :-))) We Have A Laugh Again 🙂 But Not To Forget The Pain N Suffering Off Others Yoor Posts N Blogs Make Me Sad But Thats A Good Thing Shows I’m Human :-)Yoo Have A Nice Day 🙂


    • Namaste my friend 🙂 It is sick and twisted and can only hope she have a good life now, the wee sweetheart.That’s how life is, filled with sadness, but also happiness. Have a great day now B and thank you 😀


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