Obama And Xi Jinping Meeting Will Not Make Any Changes In Human Rights.

Because just as with EU, Obama are too terrified to upset Xi Jinping  and risk getting on China’s bad side and therefore lose billions of money and business that China has to offer. As always with politics it is about saying one thing and doing another.


And why would Xi care what Obama has to say? He is after all a ruthless dictator… Xi that is… Or, hang on…

xi_jinping_economics_caricature_1842165Made by BinaryOptions

So this meeting will end up with Xi saying as other dictators in China has done through the years that any other world leader should mind their own business and Obama will bow down and obey.

Personally Obama might want different (doubt it), but take a good long thought who REALLY runs US. Or any other country (also EU).

Behind the leaders there are bankers, oil companies, Investors and Institutions with no other interests than making money, selling weapons, oil and their own mother. To show who has the biggest balls. And they have no interest in how much blood is spilled along the way.

So what we will hear after Obama’s and Xi’s date is that it was successful, they had much to talk about and that they agree… (in keeping us out of it perhaps?)

The media will debate in what will happen now and in the ‘real world’ people are still dying, Tibetans burning, prisoners tortured and child labour continues. Human rights within politics is just an empty word…


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