Marie Stopes International And Their Clinical Outreach Teams In China

Marie Stopes International introduce themselves like thisChoice is fundamental to everything that we do. We respect the right of women to decide whether and when to have children. It’s about what is most suitable for each individual and for each couple; we give them the information they need to make their own choices.”

Sounds good for sure, does it not? About their mobile outreach team they describe like this:

Often the regular healthcare provider in the area will only offer short-term methods of contraception such as pills and sometimes injectable’s. Our approach is to work in partnership with existing providers to deliver a full range of family planning services.”

”Community health workers and local healthcare providers let local people know about the visit in the days and weeks beforehand. The team will be based in a host facility, usually a rural health centre, but sometimes a school, workplace or even a purpose-built tent”

”Our team will transform the local facility into an infection free environment to deliver intrauterine devices (IUDs), implants, female sterilisations, vasectomies, short-term contraception and other reproductive health services.” ”Our teams around the world help women and families to understand their family planning choices and provide them with life-saving services.”

This is something that is truly needed and sounds very well so far.  BUT, what makes me wonder  is their partners and donors…

China  Countries  Where we work   Marie Stopes InternationalIn most of these districts where they have their bases and work with officials, there are a long history of forced abortions and sterilisations… And also attacks,abuse, imprisonment and cases of sterilisation on men too.

And take a look where the money comes from above. How WE are helping Family planing offices in a country with a long record of poor human rights whether we want it or not.




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