Woman Dies After Forced Abortion In China, Was 6-Months Pregnant.

On May 23, 2013, 26-year-old pregnant mother Zhang Yinping was dragged to the local Family Planning Office  in Yuyue, Hubei, for a forced abortion.

Jiayu County  Xianning  Hubei  China   Google MapsDespite being 6-months pregnant, the Family Planning Officials disregarded a national and provincial ban on late-term forced abortions and still went ahead with the forced surgery.  After the surgery, Ms. Zhang suffered a massive haemorrhage and died the following morning on May 24th.

Local Jiayu county officials are investigating this case as a “medical accident” and the Family Planning Office has been closed during the investigation.  Ms. Zhang’s relatives surrounded the office in protest, but the county sent police officers to stop the protest.  There are no signs of a criminal investigation or criminal charges.

湖北嘉鱼强制引产So yet again these tortures of women happens without punishment for local governments, police and family planning officials. I call them tortures because in reality that is what they are…

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