Jeffrey Katzenberg Truly Lives In La La Land

Recently I wrote about a movie that Dreamworks are teaming up with the China Film Group, a state-owned company, to make “The Tibet Code.”  Dreamworks to make a movie in Tibet 

Jeffrey Katzenberg the DreamWorks Animation CEO said on a recent press conference that suggestions that the film could be tainted by politics, saying that the studios would “find a course to tell a great story and not step on political issues.” He stressed that it was simply a “blockbuster story” without any hidden motives.

"Megamind" New York PremiereThe message from the Chinese side, which controls 55 percent of the deal, was a bit different. Han Sanping, chairman of the China Film Group, said that “The Tibet Code” would help broadcast Chinese culture, morals and values — a mission in line with Beijing’s goal of burnishing its global image…

Along with the Tiananmen Square massacre, Tibet is one of the most strictly controlled subjects in Chinese media. The vision of Tibetan history presented in China is typically one of Han Chinese Communists liberating the region from brutality, feudalism and backwardness. Which we all know is a lie.

China has its own made-up story when it comes to Tibetan history,” says Michael Davis, a law professor at the University of Hong Kong. “They claim that Tibet was a big happy part of China for hundreds of years”.

 Jeffrey Katzenberg and DreamWorks clearly shows their ignorance by saying that they will be careful to not step in any political issues. It is already too late for that! Movies and books portray Tibet as a land of exotic culture and mystical beauty but not what life is for the Tibetan men,women and children why lives under China’s brutal occupation.

And by doing this movie Jeffrey Katzenberg and DreamWorks help China to put another knife in hearts of Tibetans that already bleeds…

Shame on you, I have watched my last DreamWorks and Katzenberg movie.


Source: CNBC

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