Dont Let USFWS Approve Of Hunting And Killing Wolves In U.S!


When Wolves Lose Endangered Species Act Protection, We Lose Wolves! PLEASE TAKE THE ACTION!

The United States Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS) has announced a plan to delist all wolves throughout the United States (except Mexican wolves) who are currently protected by the Endangered Species Act.

This reckless and politically motivated plan will intensify the ongoing slaughter of wolves. We have already seen tragedy in western states where hateful anti-wolf rhetoric and politics trump ethics and science.

When wolves lost their ESA protection in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, these states immediately began to allow a recreational slaughter. Wolves are being injured and killed by bow hunters, gunned down by trophy hunters, tortured by trappers in steel-jaw foothold traps and snares, and subjected to other brutal “management” methods, including aerial gunning. More than 1,100 wolves have been officially killed in these states since Congress took ESA protection away from them in 2011.

Has the human behavior that caused the endangerment of wolves and made necessary their protection changed? This question, not just numbers, should determine whether this species can afford to lose ESA protection. In the case of wolves, the answer is clear: No!

Wolves are still discriminated against and misunderstood, their role as important top carnivores for the integrity of ecosystems is not sufficiently valued, and they are hated by the livestock industry, ranchers and hunters.

Don’t allow wolves to be delisted – they cannot afford it! Use the form below to email Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, and ask her to prevent this imminent tragedy! Please sign:

UNITED TOGETHER WE CAN BE A POWERFUL FORCE!!! FIGHT FOR THEM!!! SPEAK OUT FOR THEM!!! Help us spread the message by sharing the page:

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