@David_Cameron THIS Is What You Choose To Turn Your Back Against!

Lhasa-Tibet-2013-323Lhasa being destroyed.

2_20120611040659_ZDQzOWI2MDAzYWYzM2E4NzU0NTU5NWIzYzY1YzEwMzg1MzQzYjU1YislMjgxJTI5XyVCOCVCMSVCMSVCRQ==Forced abortion.


after sexual abuse by chinese police



Tsering Phuntsok


CHINESE-ELECTRIC-SHOCK-TORTUREWoman tortured with electric cattle prod.

I found a David Cameron answer your questions on the internet and there a person asked him:  In 50 years (or so) when Parliament pays tribute to you, what one policy would you like them to remember and one personal quality?

His answer?

One personal quality? I hope it will be responsibility. That I did what was right for this country long-term, no matter what.

You can go in here and see the full answer and other questions, but I thought that the last sentence summed it up really good what kind of person he is and that pleasing Chinese government is more important than any human rights for the Tibetan people and the Chinese people.

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