Exiled Tibet PM ‘Not Challenging’ China Communists

The leader of Tibet’s exiled government said he would accept the Chinese Communist Party’s rule in the territory, assuring Beijing it faced no threat to its sovereignty if it eases its grip.

On a visit to Washington, Sangay said that the exiled government based in Dharamshala, India, was “not challenging China’s sovereignty or territorial integrity” through its repeated calls for greater autonomy.

“That, we think, is a moderate, reasonable solution which is a win-win proposition both for the Chinese government and the Tibetan people.”

lobsang sangay

Has Lobsang Sangay no interest at all in what the Tibetan people want? Sangay sit at his home, safe. He does not live in fear of someone bursting in, put him in chains and torture him for no valid reason. He does not need to worry about friends and family, that the police will take away his wife or daughter and force them to be sterilized or tied to a bed and have their child ripped out of their body.

This is nothing but a very cruel betrayal against every Tibetan on this planet.

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