David Cameron Approves Of Chinas slaughter And Oppression In Tibet

David Cameron is an embarrassment. He says that ”he was seeking a “strong and positive” relationship with China.”

Asked in the House of Commons about the status of Sino-British relations, Mr Cameron said the two governments planned to work “very closely together” in the future.

“Let us be absolutely clear: this government has not changed the long-standing British policy towards China and China and Tibet,” he added. “We do want to have a strong and positive relationship with China, which I believe is in our mutual benefit. “The Chinese government is aware of our policy on Tibet. We recognise Tibet as part of China. We do not support Tibetan independence and we respect China’s sovereignty.” Source:  BBC

David CameronPhotograph: Andrew Winning/REUTERS

This is the man who also say: ”Selling arms to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is “legitimate and right” as autocratic countries have a right to self-defence,” David Cameron has said.

David Cameron flew to the middle east on November 5 2012 for a three-day trip, aiming to promote British businesses. The prime minister visited the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to try to showcase the NHS, boost British defence exports to the area and also discuss the unrest to the region Iran is causing.

The most talked about aspect of the trip, however, was his aim to sell weapons to both countries. If successful, his trip could provide a vital boost to the UK’s economy and defence industry, which is worth 5.4 billion in annual exports.

The government claims that it is reducing the risk of arms exports being used for human rights abuses. It is an advocate of the Arms Trade Treaty, that would ensure that no trade in weapons would be allowed if there was any risk they would be used in violations of international human rights.

Its actions belie this though. The Foreign and Commonwealth office lists Saudi Arabia as a cause for concern in its 2011 report. The UK trade & Investment website meanwhile makes no mention of human rights abuses instead mentioning how Saudi Arabia has been “Designated a ‘High Growth Market’ by UK Trade & Investment”

If the UK was truly committed to protecting human rights, if it was committed to creating and following an international Arms Trade Treaty as it says it is, then it would not sell weapons to countries with poor human rights and a history of using UK weapons to repress or kill citizens. Instead it seems to be focusing more on reducing unrest in the middle east and boosting its economy.

Source: Toonari Post

So it is pretty clear that David Cameron and the UK government have no interest in human rights issues at all. He turn his back against the Tibetan people, choose not to see and care what China does in Tibet. This is a man who needs to step down. He is an embarrassment to UK.

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