Paranoid China Says The U.S. Human Rights Report Are Filled With Lies #Tibet

Found an article today written by Doreen Wang (China Tibet Online). In it she starts with:

”The United States released its controversial annual human rights report 2012 on April 19, 2013, once again pointing its finger at the human rights situation in China’s Tibet, blaming the immolation of monks and nuns in Tibetan-inhabited areas on China for”political restrictions and lack of religious freedom.”

So as you see she starts out wrong right away with writing ”China’s Tibet”. She also writes:

 ”The government does not intervene in religious practices as long as they do not disturb the social stability nor aim at political separation.”

”In China today, no one will be persecuted just because he or she is affiliated with any of the lawful religions.”

So how does she explain that hundreds of monks and nuns were arrested and detained in the aftermath of 2008 demonstrations, and STILL are?

”And only a few members from the banned cults and illegal extremist-religious organizations in the guise of seeking religious freedom have been punished strictly according to law. For example, a court in south-west China’s Sichuan Province on Jan.31, 2013 convicted two ethnic Tibetans of “intentional homicide” for inciting eight people to self-immolate,three of whom died.”

First. It is called TIBET, not Sichuan Province. Second. Those who self-immolated so far have been calling for among other things: Tibetan Independence, Religious Freedom, That China needs to get OUT of Tibet. The Tibetan people want their own country, language, culture and freedom back.

Fire hand

”In contrast to the claim in the U.S. report that “the total number of reported self-immolations by Tibetan Buddhist laypersons and monks during the year, was more than six times that of 2011”, these incidents were, in fact politically motivated, as they were part of the Dalai Lama clique’s scheme to internationalize the “Tibet issue.”

Ah, so you are saying that Dalai Lama and his what you call ”clique” is hiding somewhere making evil plans, with evil laughter echoing in their secret hideout?? I’m sorry, but you have been watching too many action movies (censured of course). You know very well that Dalai Lama have NOT spread lies or convinced Tibetans to self-immolate. The reason why they do it is that you (China) invaded a country that was not yours.

”As a sovereign state, China has every right to maintain its social stability and territorial integrity by restricting religious extremism, splittism and terrorism which all lead to violence in the name of seeking religious freedom or human rights.”

What about Tibet’s rights to their own country?

”The annual report, largely based on unconfirmed Western media reports and allegations from outlawed groups and organizations with ulterior motives, is nothing but a political scheme used by the U.S. government to exert pressure on China in order to deter the rise of China as a new power in the world.”

So Doreen Wang, what you are saying is that we who keep talking about Tibet, we who fight for Tibet’s freedom, we who keep talking and writing about the horrible atrocities, the crimes against humanity that you commit everyday in Tibet, we are just scheming and spreading lies against innocent China?

All your article achieves is making you sound paranoid and frankly very and pathetic…

If you excuse me I’m gonna go to my closet and scheme an evil plot and practise my evil laughter…


You can read this article from Doreen Wang here: China Tibet


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One thought on “Paranoid China Says The U.S. Human Rights Report Are Filled With Lies #Tibet

  1. Doreen Wang, who ever you are! where ever you are! how learned you are! you are the last person the world should look forward to listen. your views on the Tibetan and it’s struggle is really limited and pathetic. Your knowledge is only the primary information filled by the communist government in it’s citizen. You should had used your brain at least little to enhance your knowledge on this issue, I strongly urge you to do more research before judging other side.

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