Cats Suffering In Vision Research At University of Sydney

Stumbled upon an article on the net regarding University of Sydney and their animal experiments on cats. here is a little part of it. And thank’s to Humane research Australia for the great job they do!

And remember before you read, they make NO mention of any relevance this research may have to humans…

In this particular experiment eleven adult cats underwent highly invasive surgical procedures that included the removal of part of the skull as well as bilateral cervical sympathectomy (intentionally cutting the nerve supply to parts of the head and eyes).  During the experiments the cats’ heads were restrained in a stereotaxic device and the animals received muscle relaxants in addition to a general anaesthetic.

Cat in stereotaxic frame for eye experiments

Prior to the actual experiment, the preparation involved the brain of each cat being exposed by way of a craniotomy (surgical removal of a portion of the skull). A plastic cylinder was glued to the skull forming a well around the craniotomy and a small opening was made in the brain matter above the recording site. A stainless steel microelectrode was positioned above it and coated with dye and slowly advanced into area 18 of the brain and lesions were made. Neuron activity was then recorded.

Pharmaceutical solutions were applied to the eyes to dilate the pupils and to retract the blinking membranes. The eyes were focused on a screen position 57 cm in front of the cat using corrective lenses. Artificial pupils were positions in the centre of the dilated pupils and the optic discs of each eye were projected onto the screen.

At the end of the experiment each cat was killed and the brain removed and studied.

Article in full: Humane Research Australia

The University of Sydney has also administered speed and ecstasy to rats under high temperature conditions in order to replicate the mixture of these drugs in a nightclub atmosphere….

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14 thoughts on “Cats Suffering In Vision Research At University of Sydney

  1. Once again sickened by the abuse of animals and some people’s attitude towards the creatures being destroyed. That attitude says lot about her attitude towards animals. I don’t wish evil on that SICK person that shows no compassion for a defenceless creature. This is the kind of person that would have no problem destroying this innocent creature.

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  2. okay so what did the brain tell the researcher…wouldn’t it be better to do this on pedophiles and murders than animals. at least they can tell you if the corrective lenses worked. (Artificial pupils were positions in the centre of the dilated pupils and the optic discs of each eye were projected onto the screen.) and what was this for, to see if the cat could see close up or what? i didn’t know cat wore corrective lenses do they? i guess i need to make an apt. to get my cats eyes checked.


  3. What the hell is the point of this?? Why are these cats suffering? Can’t imagine the fear they must be feeling. And why do it to more than one? Why do it at all? What could the other cats show that the first one didn’t? How does it relate to humans? I wish we could put these people through the same experiment…..bloody disgusting!


  4. Just as we’ll it’s not in Northern Ireland because I’m filled with hate rid and I’m boared and I stumped apone your research violence is the only answer to these pigs lets assault there building and end this suffering who is with me in this great stand


  5. Somebody needs to put a stop to this. This is disgusting no matter what excuse they give for doing this to any defenceless animal. Shame on you.


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