Baby Elephant Smuggling Exposed

Thailand’s tourist industry is driving a brutal trade in baby elephants. Illegal and brutal cross-border trade in endangered wild Asian elephants continues. On the Thai-Myanmar border at least 50-100 calves and young females are removed from their forest homes every year and are traded illegally every year to supply tourist camps. Countless elephants die in the process threatening the remaining populations of this endangered species.

Capturing elephants from the wild for this trade often involves killing of mothers and other protective family members with automatic weapons. Captured calves are subjected to an extremely brutal breaking-in process where they are tied up, confined, starved, beaten and tortured in order to break their spirits. It is estimated that only one in three survive this inhumane “domestication” process. This original investigative report by The Ecologist Film Unit in association with Earth Focus/Link TV and Elephant Family exposes this practice.

And every time a tourist pay to ride an elephant or see them perform, they are responsible for that this horrible and cruel animal abuse continues…


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6 thoughts on “Baby Elephant Smuggling Exposed

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  2. Your background reminds me of my favorite Billy Joel song,
    “We Didn’t Start the Fire”
    If you do hear it, you will understand, it is all about very important world events throughout history and it is just awesome.
    It has a powerful message.
    Hope you can find it and hear the words.~


    • Thank’s to you too 🙂 And never stop will your great writing! You write very interesting and often I get upset over your stories, hate when animals get caught in the middle, when people abuse them.. people like you are needed..


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