University Of Sydney’s Pride Over Their China Studies Centre.


Kerry Brown is Executive Director of the China Studies Centre, and Professor of Chinese Politics at the University of Sydney.

A centre who boasts and brag about their partnership with China. On their homepage they write:

  • ”works in partnership with China to better understand its impact on the world and Australia, and improve cooperation and relations between the two countries.
  • ”The centre’s primary goal is to coordinate and direct the study of China within the University across the academic spectrum, in areas such as law and business, health and environmental studies, and archaeology and ancient history.”
  • ”We also develop local and overseas networks to promote business-to-business and business-to-government engagement between the two countries.”

So how much did Kerry Brown and the China Studies Centre have to do with ‘forbidding’ Dalai Lama to visit the university? The centre admits it was involved in the discussions about the Dalai Lama event, but says it did not try to block it. Can we really believe that?

Since they are very involved with China, and China as we know accuses Dalai Lama of everything between heaven and earth. And NONE of those involved in this centre do any research or having any interest in human rights, just economics,  cultural and politics… 

You can find out more about the staff at the centre here:

The University of Sydney’s China Studies Centre:

You can also find Sydney university, Kerry brown and China studies centre on Twitter.


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