Oh Sydney University, Why Do You Act So Stupid?

Sydney University, ranked in the world’s top 50, cancelled a visit by Dalai Lama, scheduled for June, to avoid damaging its ties with China, including funding for its cultural Confucius Institute.

China’s human rights record in Tibet are a very controversial issue, and Sydney University’s new Institute for Democracy and Human Rights organised an on-campus talk by the Dalai Lama.

The event was moved off campus after the university warned organisers not to use its logo, allow media coverage or entry to the event by Tibet activists.

So you at the Institute for Democracy and Human rights, and you at Sydney university my question to you is: are money more important than the Democracy and human rights  you so beautifully call yourself? Does the funding mean so much more than to actually stand up for something that is right? But I suppose that human rights and democracy are only important when it does not have to do with money? You are an embarrassment.

Last month a Chinese official accused the Dalai Lama of providing money to encourage people to set themselves on fire, and said they had evidence to prove he was instigating the self-immolations. China brands the Dalai Lama, a separatist and by your reaction to bend under pressure from China you actually agree with them.

Do the right thing now the worlds eyes are on you, get a backbone…

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