This Is Two Year Old Mei Ming.She Awaits Death In A ”Dying Room” In China.


Babies born in China in spite of the one-child policy are declared “black children” and have no right to food, health care, or education. If female, they are frequently killed, either at birth, or if apprehended later, at orphanages where they are gathered. Shown above is Mei Ming, a two-year-old girl tied to a chair in a “dying room.” The bucket below her is to catch her urine and faeces as she dies over the next several days from starvation and neglect. The above photo was taken by a British TV crew during their filming of the 1995 documentary exposéThe Dying Rooms. The Chinese government denies the existence of dying rooms.

From: The Population Control Holocaust by Robert Zubrin

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4 thoughts on “This Is Two Year Old Mei Ming.She Awaits Death In A ”Dying Room” In China.

  1. You are wrong Robert, that is NOT the correct photo of the baby left to die from the British Documentary of 1995. The actual baby named Mei Ming, who was left alone for 10 days and died 4 days after the British filmed her neglect, was filmed from a bed, her body severely thin, her eyes crusted over with mucus, no plumpness to her being at all. Why the wrong photo? Do you expect people to not look into it further, simply saying “Yes, I saw the photo of Mei Ming, tied to a chair. The poor thing!” People, open your eyes, this report is not showing you the severity of just how bad Mei Mings final days were! This photo gives the illusion that babies dieting of neglect are not suffering severe malnutrition, nor are they thin. Shame on you, Robert, for not showing the world the real truth!!!


    • That blog was re-blogged from that Robert more than 1 and a half year ago now. So you don’t have to attack me. He who wrote the article in question is Robert Zubrin and he got the information from

      So if you want to attack someone I suggest you turn to him, also people who often read this blog are very aware of how China treat both its children and animals. Take out your anger somewhere else, I know and lots of people know how the reality looks like! So shame on you for just reacting but not continue reading!


  2. The British Minister at the time the TV documentary was screened was Linda Chalker, think she was heading aid at the time, anyway she was was shown the program by her team. Her reaction, as reported, was “It’s simply not happening”!


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