Pregnant With A Daughter? I’m So Sorry…

No of course I’m NOT. But that is how many Chinese women feel when pregnant with the ”wrong” child.

Thanks to the one-child policy, By 2020, there will be an estimated 40 million shortage of females in China.

Chinese parents desperate to have a son have lessen, but still the gender gap, now largely the result of sex-selective abortion, will have a profound impact on families, workplaces and the distribution of power in Chinese society. What does a population with a shortage of females mean for China’s future?

There are even reports stating that parents have been so keen for their sons to marry that they have resorted to fixing up “ghost marriages”, where female corpses are dug up and reburied next to deceased bachelors so they can have a bride in the afterlife.

A county court in central China has sentenced four men to prison for digging up and selling corpses on the black market to enable “ghost marriages”, a millennia-old custom of burying deceased bachelors alongside newly deceased wives so that they will not grow lonely in the afterlife.  Read more here (Guardian).


The photo is of an abandoned newborn baby is recovering in hospital after having her throat cut, being put in a plastic bag and thrown into a garbage bin in China. The female baby – so newborn that her placenta and umbilical cord were still attached – was discovered by a man who was searching a bin for recyclables. Read more here. (Daily Mail)

And while the girls often ”disappear”, get killed right after birth or dumped like a piece of garbage the parents of boys often live with the fear of having their sons kidnapped.

Su Qingcai, a tea farmer in Fujian Province, admitted buying a 5-year-old boy for the equivalent of $3,500, even though Mr. Su already had a teenage daughter. “A girl is just not as good as a son,” Mr. Su, then 38, told Andy. “It doesn’t matter how much money you have. If you don’t have a son, you are not as good as other people who have one.”


This 4-year-old Chinese boy was abducted when his shopkeeper father turned away for a moment to help a customer.

“the Chinese government says that 10,000 children are kidnapped each year, but some experts suggest the number may be as high as 70,000.”

After the rescue of 89 abducted Chinese children on Christmas Eve, a senior police official said baby boys could now be purchased in China’s interior for less than $5,000 — and then resold for three times that amount in the wealthier coastal provinces.

In the past two and a half years, according to government statistics, some 54,000 children have been rescued from traffickers. Read more about that story here (New York Times).

We all need to stand up and help these children. To only care about the children closer to ‘home’ is to not care at all… So no matter if you are in North or South america, Europe, Asia or Africa we all need to help. Even these children who media report so little about…

They need us… 

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