Human Rights Are NOT Optional



We all are supposed to be born equal and have the same rights. So WHY isn’t that so? Why does UN, UNICEF; Amnesty, Green Peace and governments seem to have ”popular” areas and people to ”care” about, while turning their backs on others?

Are they so cold-hearted that they only care about what media writes about? Turn their focus on places that they believe people will be interested in donating money too, while others who suffer don’t get any help at all?

Should the blame be put on those above or should the blame be put on media? Or why not on all those who knows what is going on but do nothing about it?

Human rights… They are supposed to be strong beautiful words…

But are they? Really? What media and these so-called ‘do good’ organisations do is showing people who only some count, some people and countries are important while others are not.

What are YOU going to do about that?


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