To Those Who Want’s To Travel To Tibet. Photos Of China’s Lies.



This image shows Chinese soldiers holding red and yellow Tibetan monks’ robes. So those Buddhist monks you are taking photo of do you really know if they are real or if they are Chinese soldiers?



This image below shows Tibetans protesting in Lhasa on March 14th. Note the man in the upper-right portion of the photo appears to be carrying a long knife or a machete.



A close-up of the image that was released by the Chinese Embassy to foreign news organizations.



According to a report in the Epoch Times, this individual was witnessed by a Chinese student studying in Lhasa entering a police station with a group of arrested Tibetans. Shortly thereafter, the man took off his Tibetan-style clothes and put on a police uniform.

“The witness was shocked when she saw the policeman in the BBC broadcast. She realized then that the man had disguised himself as a Tibetan in order to incite people to riot,” states the report.

“From the TV news footage, you can see this man attempting to stab other people with a knife. But in later shots you can’t find this person any more. They were acting. After people raised questions about these shots, this footage never appeared on TV again,” said the witness.



This image (above) was released by the Chinese Embassy after the man’s identify was revealed. Notice he has been airbrushed out of the photo completely. After the furore picked up steam, Chinese state media began carrying the original image again to offset suspicions of manipulation.

So ‘dear’ tourist who thinks of visiting Tibet. Have a think WHO benefits on your visit. WHO is that Monk, Nun, ”Tibetan” you are talking too, taking photo off? WHO do you think your money goes to? Tibet is OCCUPIED. People are dying. Tibet is a giant prison and YOU are willing to support China’s oppression, genocide of the Tibetan people. YOU as a tourist are NO better than those who commit these horrible crimes. YOU are just as bad as that police or military who stand over a monk beating him. Than that police who rapes a nun screaming for help that never comes. YOU support China in letting small children growing up in captivity…

If you really want to visit that beautiful country, help protesting about what is happening there and take your trip when Tibet is free again. Thank you…

after sexual abuse by chinese policeThis woman was sexually abused by Chinese police…




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