Nepalese Government Secretly Cremate Druptse’s Body.

Drupchen Tsering also called Druptse set himself on fire February 13 on the path around the holy Boudhanath stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal. He passed away on the same day with 96 percent burns. After his death his body was kept in the mortuary of TU Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj and since then Tibetans and their supporters have initiated a number of campaigns around the world to appeal the Nepal government to release Druptse’s body for a proper burial.

Earlier the Nepalese authorities said that Druptse’s body could legally be handed over only to his parents, family members related in blood or official diplomatic representatives. And if these options were not met within 35 days, the authorities claimed to have legal right over the body.

But Monday the Nepalese authorities secretly cremated Druptse’s body. And that without allowing the proper Buddhist final rites.

Tibetan self-immolator Drupchen Tsering in an undated photo

Tibetan self-immolator Drupchen Tsering in an undated photo.

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Druptse is survived by his mother Tselha and father Sangnag Tenzin, who is a reincarnated lama. He is a native of Gyalchung village in Nupsur town of Serta, eastern Tibet.

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