Facebook Daily Discriminate The Tibetan People. Why?

Facebook has more than 1 billion users worldwide now. It is a staggering number for sure, and just as the internet and social websites it  can be good and fun but also just as everywhere there is a darker side to it.

It is long known that Facebook do NOT let Tibetans choose Lhasa, Tibet as their home town. Would they do the same to anyone living in New York, in Paris, Madrid, London or Stockholm? No. Is there a difference? No. And THAT is nothing but pure discrimination against every Tibetan on our planet. Are YOU ok with that?

However. We know that money is all that matters in their world and can the reason to deny Tibetans to choose Lhasa, Tibet have something to do with them (Facebook) teaming up with a Chinese partner? Read more here

Then Facebook started to delete and threaten to block accounts that put up photos of self immolations. Information that so importantly needs to be shared, needs to be seen, need to get out there. China does what it can to silent the Tibetan people’s voices and that is the same with their lap-dog Nepal. That is why we need to keep pushing for things to come out in the open, show the reality that they live under in both China and Nepal. Tibet is brutally occupied and Facebook’s silence is an approval of China doing that. Approving of genocide,oppression and discrimination.

One account there who provides very important information about Tibet is Dossier Tibet and they cannot access their Facebook account since weeks back. See more here Is that right of Facebook to silence true facts? NO.


Why not ask them WHY they discriminate a whole country on daily basis? Ask them at @facebook on Twitter.

Tibet is NOT a part of China…


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