What Did Tibet Ever Do To You??

Time and time again the Tibetan people are betrayed by those who claim to work for human rights, to help women and children. Those who claim to care about the environment, the importance of taking care of the earth. They are betrayed by media who and IF they write anything most of the times do not even bother to get the facts properly.

WHY can China keep killing, torture and discriminate in a country that do not even belong to them??

 Are other people in the world more worth  than the Tibetan people?

Take UN as an example. January 20 they highlight torture in Afghan detention facilities. January 14.  A top United Nations official condemned the “deplorable” human rights situation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. January 11, they are concerned about convictions and sentencing of 14 political activists in Vietnam for subversive activities.

They focus now on Mali, Middle East, Syria, Democratic republic of Congo and Sudan & south Sudan.

Yet again the question is. Are other people more worth  than the Tibetan people?

What about Amnesty? They write about Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Cameroon, Syria, Turkey, Sudan, Libya and so on. Tibet is mentioned very short and then not in the correct name or even any depth in what is happening there.

UNICEF? Well, according to them Tibetan children are a Chinese ethnic minority. And they seems to have no idea what is really going on, how Tibetan children are discriminated against and how they really are treated in school. And last year they wrote nine (9)! reports/articles that mentioned Tibetan children. So as with other organisations they seems to have NO clue or interest in what is going on. And as with others they mostly mention Syria and Mali.

So again we can ask ourselves, are other people more worth that the Tibetans?

article-0-01A3906A00000578-754_468x639Caduti1china_dog_slaughterYuan Xiangfan


So tell me. What did Tibet ever do to you to deserve this? 

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