Chinese Soldiers Kicking Dead Monk

This is something that goes on in Tibet daily.  The Chinese government takes away everything the Tibetan people once had. Independence, freedom, safety, Buddhism and the everyday life as you and I have. Peaceful monks are being thrown out of monastery’s forbidden to have photos of H.H Dalai Lama, to practice a very peaceful Buddhism. The Tibetan people are being extinguished. Erased from our earth. Tibetan children are not allowed to learn Tibetan in school but have to learn Chinese.

Women are being forced to abortions even if they are eight months pregnant! The Chinese ‘doctors’ put a needle through the woman’s stomach into the foetus head and inject poison to kill it. The women are being forced to get sterilised when they reach the age when the can conceive, just to prevent new Tibetan children to be born. What if this was your sister, daughter or mother?

Would you turn your back, pretend not to see just because their reality is ‘uncomfortable’ to know anything about? If you close your eyes it might go away? Why should you care for a peaceful land with a peaceful people high up in the mountains, when you can sit comfortable in your warm safe home and just change channel on your TV if something ‘uncomfortable’ is on.

Remember how lucky you are each day to be born and live in a free country. And help those who are not as fortunate as you. You will hopefully die one day in peace and from old age instead of being beaten to death, tortured. Killed just because another country have decided that you have NO right to exist.



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