Taking Our Rights For Granted?

Equal rights should be so simple. We all want to live in peace, not being discriminated against, having the right to believe in what we want, or in nothing at all. No one is barging in taking over our country, killing, torture or imprison us for no reason.

Human Rights. It is supposed to be words filled with power, yet it they are so empty. Something we take for granted and not notice until it’s taken away from us. The same thing with the word peace. We all want it, but what are we really doing about it?

Lots of people chose to donate a few dollars, Euros, Pounds every month to an organisation of choice or maybe a few of them. Others might be members and pay an annual fee and feel like they are doing something good. But do you honestly know how those money are being used? If they reach those the money are intended to? Please do a proper research before.

How do we fit in ‘saving the world’ in a reality filled with other obligations that perhaps feels more urgent? Job, bills, family and a list that can be very long before we have the time to engage in other people’s ‘problems’.

Are there a ‘right’ way and a ‘wrong’ way how we chose to care for those we don’t know? Those who live several hundred miles away, those who share nothing with us except the same air and earth?

Personally I do not give any money to charities since I do not want my money to go to the telemarketing company, administration and those who ‘are at the top’ of the organisation. I give money if I know it goes to the right place or directly to those who needs it. I chose to sign petitions, write mail to governments, PM’s, Embassy’s and so on.  I chose to write about it to raise awareness.


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