Self-Immolation In Tibet. More Protests Against China’s Occupation.

To date there have been at least 96 confirmed self-immolation protests in Tibet; 83 of which have taken place since January 2012 and 28 in the month of November alone. At least 82 of the protesters have died.


Today (January 12) reports confirm that yet another Self immolation has happened.

Tsebhe young Tibetan in his early 20’s chose to set fire to himself in the Amchok region of eastern Tibet.  He succumbed to his injuries in his very painful protest against China’s occupation of Tibet.

Ajam Amchock, an exiled Tibetan spoke to Phayul said: “Tsebhe set himself on fire in Amchok town at around 1 pm (local time),” . “He succumbed to his injuries at the protest site following which local Tibetans were able to rescue his body from falling into the hands of Chinese security personnel.”

A close source to Ajam also reported that getting further information on today’s fiery protest is “very difficult” as his contacts are wary of growing Chinese surveillance and monitoring on all modes of communication.

So now the official number of self immolation’s are 96, how many more are there that we never find out about?


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