”I Was Beaten Many Times And Electrocuted All Over My Body…”

in its 1997 report, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) concluded after interviews with 258 Tibetan refugees that

Chinese authorities in Tibet routinely use torture as a means of political repression, punishment and intimidation. More than 1 in every 7 Tibetan refugees interviewed reported a personal history of torture by Chinese authorities.

Further, PHR documentation of forms of torture coincides with our findings:

Repeated beatings; electric shock with cattle prods on the face, arms and genitals; being suspended in painful positions; witnessing others being tortured; deprivation of food or sleep; mock executions; being forced to stare at the sun for extended periods; and having their blood drawn against the individual’s will.

PHR found 60 percent of torture victims suffered three or more forms of torture, with 38 percent reporting more than ten episodes of torture. Most of the documented torture was quite recent, with 41 percent of the victims claiming to have been tortured in the past two years (i.e. 1995 to 1997).

Among PHR’s interviews of 11 women torture survivors, one was with a Buddhist nun who described the torture she suffered when she was only 16 years old, when imprisoned for chanting “Long Live Tibet. Free Tibet!” in a public square:

”During the first month I was in prison, I was tortured often. I was beaten many times and electrocuted all over my body. When the Chinese tortured me they would yell at me “Why do you demonstrate? Don’t you know the Chinese are good for you? You must not say Tibet is free. Tibet is part of China.” One time, they took my blood with a big syringe, even though I told them not to. I think that was for punishment.”

Source: Tibet justice center



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