Extreme Sexual Violence Against Nuns #Tibet

Interviews conducted by TCHRD reveal extreme sexual violence against nuns, including penetration of the vagina and rectum with electric cattle prods. One nun was 22 at the time of arrest. She was ordered to strip and was shocked all over with an electric cattle prod, which was also inserted into her rectum. A stick was put into her vagina. During this treatment, male prisoners watched and jeered from a window. Another nun reported “they were also ramming an electric cattle prod into my vagina and rectum.” Yet another nun was prodded so often in the rectum and vagina that she vomited and urinated blood. Arrested in July 1990, she was sent to a police hospital in early 1991 after a prison doctor said she would die if tortured any more. She escaped from that hospital and subsequently escaped to Dharamsala.

”Six to seven officials started beating us and when they got tired they gave us sticks and made us beat one another. When we didn’t, they beat us more. They hit me on my head, back, and knee joints — almost every part. All five of us were knocked unconscious.”

”Police took us into the police station and hit us. Each of us was in a separate room. They used a belt and then sticks and the electric baton, but there was no current. They made us stand and hit us for two hours, It was cold. I thought because of the beating I would die.”

The methods of torture include beating pregnant women until they aborted, sexual molestation with electric batons, and especially in the case of nuns, rape. Some interviewees indicated that the gender-specific torture and sexual abuse of nuns is especially repugnant because nuns often do not report abuse due to the shame involved and the fear that they will no longer be respected or considered nuns by the community. All of the women torture victims interviewed, whether or not they are nuns, exhibited symptoms of severe physical and/or emotional trauma.

Source: Tibet justice center

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