Growing Piles Of Foetuses…

This was told by two Buddhist monks, Ngawang Smanla and Tsewan Thondon who the witnessed a Chinese mobile birth control team which set up its tent next to the monks’ monastery in Amdo in 1987 and reported that:

“The villagers were informed that all women had to report to are the tent for abortions and sterilizations or there would be grave consequences. Women who went peacefully to the tents and did not resist received medical care. The women who refused are to go were taken by force, operated on, and given no medical care. Women nine months pregnant had their babies taken out” During the two weeks the birth control tent stood in their cry village, the monks claimed that all pregnant women had abortions followed by sterilization, and every woman of childbearing age was sterilized. “We saw many girls crying, heard their screams as they waited for their turn to go into ;he tent, and saw the growing pile of fetuses bad outside the tent,which smelled horrible.”

Most of Tibet’s population do not live in cities but in villages too small to support a hospital. To carry out its family planning programs in the villages, the PRC has established mobile birth control teams which go from village to village and operate on a large number of women in a very short period of time. The use of force during these “mobilizations”‘or “blitzes” has been reported’.

For facts:

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