Welcome To The Reality Of Occupied Tibet.

Your mother is getting raped over and over by men laughing in front of the family. Your son is getting brutally beaten for not wanting to learn another language in school, he is just five. Your grandfather who left for a monastery at young age is arrested for terror plans against the government. Your cousin is taken away in the middle of the night by masked men, never to be seen again.

Your father gets arrested on the street for having the wrong photo on him, a photo that is not ‘approved’ of. Last you saw of him was when the police dragged him away with blood running down his face mixed with his tears.

And you? You are lying on a hard hospital bed, just had a long needle brutally piercing your swollen belly from the child you carry within. Beside the bed a woman in a mask is laughing while pressing your belly hard… The pain is so intense that you only see white flashes in front of your eyes, you hear screaming, almost like from a wounded animal and realise it is you that noise is coming from.

After what feels like hours a little baby is born. But right away the woman behind the mask is tearing of the umbilical cord and throws the baby to the side the sound from the baby landing is like your throwing a piece of meat down on a table. A wet sound, splashing. That is all you see and hear before passing out. The last thought in your head that your baby never made a sound…

Welcome to the reality of occupied Tibet.

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