Forced To Learn Chinese Instead Of Tibetan

  • China subjects Tibetan children to torture in detention.
  • Detained children are beaten with a host of
    different implements, burned with hot irons, subjected to electric shocks, and tortured in various other
  • Girls have been subjected to sexual abuse.
  • In addition, Tibetan children are detained in inhumane conditions.
  • Detained children often do not receive sufficient food, are denied medical care, and are often
    not provided adequate heat, clothing, water, light, and sanitation facilities.
  • China subjects Tibetan children to torture and other cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment and
    punishment in state-run schools.
  • Tibetan children have been beaten, subjected to electric shocks, forced
    to kneel on sharp objects, locked in dark rooms for long periods of time, and burned.
  • China discriminates against Tibetan children by making Chinese the primary medium of instruction,
    by imposing a political and ideological curriculum in schools, by refusing to teach Tibetan children about
    their own history, and by prohibiting manifestations of Tibetan cultural and religious identity

How would you feel if it was in your country? That it was YOUR son or daughter who was treated like this on daily basis? What would you want the world to do? React or simply turn their back to you?

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