I Look Forward To The Day I Can Visit A Independent Tibet

Yes that is true. I so bad want to feel the ground of Tibet under my feet, walk around in a country breathtakingly beautiful. I want to lay my hands against the stones on Potala Palace and I want to see the majestic mountains…

And that day will come! Not now when China occupies Tibet, but when Tibet are free and Independent again. When Chinese police and military have packed their stuff up and left for their own country.

Because anybody who knows a tiny bit about Tibet KNOWS that Tibet are brutally invaded by the Chinese.

But one day Tibet will be Independent again, a free country belonging to the Tibetan people and nobody else. THAT is the day I will fulfil my dream and not a second before that!

Because HOW can people travel there now? How can people be so blind that they travel to a country where violence is present every single day? I will never understand that, I will never understand people and companies that promote going into a war zone…

The tourists that goes there are fooling themselves that they get to see the real Tibet, meet real Tibetan people (sounds like they are visiting a zoo). I despise those who buy China’s lies or are too stupid to actually do a proper research before going there…

YOU help China That way, YOU get Tibetan blood on your hands….

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