Why Is Tibet Different?

Open a newspaper, watch the news, read on the internet and mostly it is about Syria, Iran, Iraq  Afghanistan  Lebanon Libya  Palestine. There are crisis in different places all over the world that get the media’s attention with long reports of slaughter, disappearances, torture and children dying. reporters who stand in front of a scene that are filled with terror, a dying child…

Then try to find something that regards Tibet…

Did you find anything? Anything that does NOT regard H.H Dalai Lama?

Did you find anything that says: The Tibetan plateau? Tibetan region of China? Sichuan province? Qinghai? Tibet autonomous region? Let me then tell you this. Tibet is TIBET and nothing else. Tibet is illegally and brutally occupied by China.

Tibet was fully functioning and independent before China marched with their troupes over the border to slaughter what THEY had decided was theirs. Tibet had their own currency, national anthem and passports.

WHY is it that the world is so silent regarding Tibet? Turn their backs against suffering Tibetans? China has money, we know that much. The spineless world leaders do not dare to get on the wrong side there.

I had people ask me WHY Tibetans self-immolate, if they are desperate, why not fight instead of setting yourself on fire?

The Tibetan people are peaceful and who are they going fight against? China? A Tibetan in Lhasa can hardly sneeze on the street without being taken away by the Chinese ‘police’ so how would they ever get the weapons needed? And as I said, they are peaceful… Now, I am not pretending I am any expert on Tibetan issues, not at all. But I do know fairly much since I choose to get involved and choose to find facts and do anything in my power to let people know what is going on.

Tibet is a war zone but no one cares. Still remember when I talked to a Swedish newspaper and got the reply that ”Tibet are not newsworthy”… I wonder how every Tibetan must feel hearing those words.

How would YOU feel? YOU are not newsworthy even though you stand there with a body full of scars…

How would YOU feel if you got tortured, thrown in jail for having the ‘wrong’ photo on you? (They are NOT allowed to carry any image of H.H Dalai Lama)

How would YOU feel if you or a sister, your mother got thrown down on a bench and sterilized against your/her wishes?

How would YOU feel in your neighbouring country decided to invade yours?

And no one would care….

Please think about that…

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