Twitter, Facebook and Google +

Have to say that I really enjoy those places but in different ways.

Is fun and interesting because it connect me with all my friends and family back in my home country, some of them I haven’t seen in almost three and a half years now. So enjoy when I can share photos, and when others do as well, both family, old friends and my new ones. Value them high in my life. I also like that it is easy to connect with different NGO’s and other stores/tattooists/organisations I’m interested in. Bad thing must be the fact that some people share absolutely every single thing they do every single day. To be honest I am NOT interested in what your son/daughter ate for dinner or that your cat threw up a hairball.. Oh, by the way our hamster Ezio ate 4 sweet corns today…..

I didn’t like it in the beginning actually, but it grows on you.. I go in almost everyday now and whether I write about my support for Tibet or just babbling, I find it more and more interesting since it is so easy to get the latest news or connect with different people from parts of the world in an instant about things that I am interested in. Didn’t knew anyone before I started there, but now I also talk to some on FB as well as on Twitter. Bad thing? Does it sound daft if I say you can feel ‘alone’ there sometimes even though there is a constant flow of Twitters?

Hmm.. This is one place I have so far really difficult for. Have ‘met’ some people there that I really like to talk to, and it is a good place to share stuff on as well. But the layout, the lack of sending private messages and that the site is pretty ‘dead’ often makes it… Ok, but nothing more than that so far. Just glad I have those few I enjoy connecting with there otherwise I don’t see the point with it really..

So all in all I’m happy with the places I connect with others at the moment and I am VERY thankful for different settings you can do to stop some re-tweets or stop updates from those who have to share every second with you..

Good thing I’m so perfect myself right? 😉

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