Amnesty where are you?

If you visit Amnesty international on you have their new right in front of you. Today December 9 2012 their news are about:

Taiwan: No bowing to public pressure over executions.

Turkey: Acquittal in conscientious objection case a win for free speech.

Americas: Human rights defenders increasingly targeted and attacked.

If you go over to their Regional news from Asia and the pacific there are four (4!!) articles directly regarding Tibet since the beginning of the year. FOUR. There were others regarding other issues in China but only those who targeted Tibet directly. And in the meantime Tibetans are dying, being tortured, disappear and family’s ripped apart by China’s cruelty.

102 Tibetans self-immolated for Tibetan freedom and independence (22 Apr 1998–9 Dec 2012). Tibetans have made the choice to suffer by igniting their own flesh and blood in flames eating away their bodies since 1998… HUNDRED AND TWO Amnesty!!

Amnesty. When I grew up I thought you were a good organisation that actually worked for human rights in the world, but since a few years back I know that you have your more… What should I say.. ‘Popular’ areas to be concerned about. Now I do NOT say that some countries are more important than others, but WHY do you not write about Tibet, campaign about their human rights?

I will never as long as I live give a single pound, dollar or Euro to you. I will not recommend anyone to do that either. Not until you start to take your ‘work’ seriously and start making some noise for those who actually need you and the world right now. Those who stand there and let their own flesh melt. Right now. Just this moment. Tibet.

Also to add Amnesty: Tibet is Tibet. Tibet does NOT belong to China. You should really know that Tibet was and still is brutally occupied by China. Open your history books please. 


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