Man On Fire

Isn’t it sad that a man who put himself on fire in Oslo, Norway gets a lot of media attention while so many Tibetans have done the same before him but the media hardly write about them?

And when there are a few lines in any newspaper it is usually wrong information whether why they do it or the wrong area. ‘Cause you know as well as me that governments and world leaders only care about themselves or ‘popular’ wars or happenings in the world. They coldly turn their heads away from reality in Tibet pretending that their cold dead eyes don’t see anything.

Meanwhile the Tibetan people live in a brutal reality far away from fat bankers or world leaders who lives in luxury missing nothing except a heart.

And what about all the ‘normal’ people in the world? People like you and me? WHY this silence?

Why are people so focused on their own lives, maybe discussing the news on lunch breaks or on the journey to/from work, but soon forgets it all for a TV dinner and Hollyoaks or some other crappy soap on TV?

People are burning, people are dying in extreme pain with flesh melting from their bodies. But still it took ONE single person who chose to put himself on fire in Norway to make people suddenly react and media polish headlines all over the world.

What about Tibet? They are people you you know…

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