Let children be just that.

‘Jade might want to be a topless glamour model when she’s older. A pageant like this will help develop her confidence’ – Those words comes from a mother to a 9-year old girl in UK…

The article I read at Daily mail are regarding beauty pageants starting here in the UK. One of the girls in the article are 3 years old! What kind of parents wants their daughters to parade around spray tanned, heavy make-up, short skirts, high heels and so on, on a stage in front of judges, getting points for how they look? What kind of parents want their daughters to grow up and learn that how you look is ALL that counts.

The world can be bad enough for young children, but what we parents and other adults can do is protect them from all the sleeze-balls and let children be just that.

I know that I prefer my child to come home in a muddy mess than have a child sitting in front of a mirror all day or chasing the ‘perfect’ look.

The article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2128429/Miss-Mini-Princess-UK-Lexci-3-enter-Britains-US-style-baby-beauty-pageant.html

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