Just a new morning, same as the one yesterday…

A new day, coffee in my hand. As always I start the day with news. I do think it is important to keep up to date, to know what happens all around the world. And as usual there are the same weight-loss tips, what to wear this summer, which celebrity did what, how to lose weight the fastest way and people killed somewhere. Think it’s pretty much the same news everyday really, the only thing changing are the dates..

Why does people have this fascination with so called celebrity’s? And it’s not ever ‘real’ ones (whatever that is) these days it’s enough with a fake tan, fake boobs, fake nails, fake hair and so on to give you a chance of 15 minutes in the spotlight. Sure the celebrities have always been around us in one way or another, but didn’t they become that for a real reason? Because they actually could DO something?

Oh well, the coffee cup is empty and do feel more alive now, so time to make this a really good day.

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