Facebook and discrimination

As you all know China occupied Tibet with catastrophic results and still today, 2012 Tibetans suffer under China’s cruel tyranny.

And now Tibetans face another thing. Facebook is denying those in Tibet their own hometown. If you just as I am and of course many more worldwide would be denied to put as an example Glasgow, United kingdom- Stockholm, Sweden- New York, USA- Paris, France and so on. The protests would be massive around our globe, so WHY are Tibetans denied to have Lhasa, Tibet as their hometown??

Hope that Facebook wakes up and realize this discrimination is WRONG. And that all of you help the Tibetans get their hometown and country back to the people it belongs too..

As always, Tibet must be free!

To find out more about how YOU can help, please visit   http://tibettruth.com/2012/01/03/facebook-please-allow-tibetans-right-to-select-their-hometown/ where you get information about how you can help and support Tibet, Thank you.

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