SKY, Believe in Better?

In the middle of June, I decided to get SKY broadband and phone home, I registered on their homepage and paid the installation fee. I got the all clear, and a date that Openreach would come and fix with the phone line since I haven’t bothered to get any phone at since we moved in.

That was two weeks to wait for him, but as far as I see it totally ok. The day finally came so I went up early because he would show up between 08.00 and 13.00, woke up my 11-year-old son (normally sleeps until around noon) also so engineer could have access to his room also.

The time went by and no engineer, finally at 17.30 I called up SKY to ask what the problem was and their answer was that BT was the problem because they had not answered some ‘reminders’ (what ever that now is) from SKY. The day after I sent complaints to SKY (13/7) regarding phone line and that the router was nowhere to be seen either. Two more days passed, still no router, still no words from SKY. So sent another mail to them with complaints about their ‘service’, as I see it I paid for a service that they have not provided, it’s the same as if I would pay for a new TV at the store and not getting it.


July 18 I called them again asking what the problem was since I by that time read a lot of bad comments about SKY’s ‘service’ and customer care, a lot of people were in the same situation as me, paid them money, but got nothing for it. Since again my money run out from the prepay card in my mobile the woman at the customer service told me she would call me instead after a few minutes and that gave me a small tiny hope that maybe maybe they were not as bad as everybody told me. Well, now almost 4 days have passed and still NO words from SKY.

Oh, did get a letter 2 days ago saying that the Openreach engineer would be at my house the 12:th and that letter was printed 4 days AFTER that date…


So who is to blame for this horrible ‘service’? SKY, BT or Openreach? Why were customer friendly company and I stupid enough to believe in better, that SKY would be an honest professional company to do business with? Have to admit it I feel like a fool and trying to decide what to do now.

Any replies to all my complaints? Ha, no and I guess I never will, dealing with SKY is not a fairytale, just a nightmare…

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