Starwood Hotels and Resorts, an Embarrassment!

At Starwood Hotels and Resorts, they have no problems having a hotel in occupied Tibet. In a country that has been illegally occupied by China, a country where its people courageously try to get their own country back and risking their life by doing so.  

There is NO need for a luxury hotel in Lhasa. People there don’t need ignorant tourists staring at them like animals in a zoo, as if they are some kind of rare animal. What they DO need is the right not to get tortured, forcibly taken away to labor camps, forced to get sterilized or/and have an abortion in month 8. They should have the freedom to film, to write books or songs without getting thrown into prison, in a cold small cell with little or no food.

Do you know that the prisoners can be forced to stay even after their sentence is ended? To be forced to work there?  Do you know that prisoners often die because of brutal torture by the hands of a prison guard?

Do you know some of the torture techniques used in Tibetan prisons and detention centers? Some of the most common are electric shocks delivered by cattle prods to the genitals, mouth, eyes, and other sensitive areas; beatings with metal rods, sticks, pistol or rifle butts, plastic hoses filled with sand, and pieces of furniture. Exposure to extreme heat or cold and aerial suspension or restraint by rope in painful positions. Other documented torture techniques include starvation, forcing victims to stare at the sun for prolonged periods, attacks by ferocious trained dogs, and sexual assaults, as well as psychological tortures, such as mock executions, forcing victims to witness others being tortured, urinating in victims’ mouths, prolonged solitary confinement, and death threats.

There are documented cases and if you want to read more please visit the Tibet Justice Center (here)

Starwood Hotels and Resorts own several big brands on hotels and resorts, like: St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, W, Westin, Le Méridien, Sheraton, Four Points, Aloft, and Element(SM).

The St.Regis now has a luxury hotel in Lhasa, Tibet. If you read the homepage (here) they mention how you can discover Lhasa, the “roof of the world”, and be pampered by the legendary St. Regis Butler service in the full service resort. They mention local attractions, shopping and how it’s located in the finest of locations.

Where will they build the next hotel? Syria, Iraq or why not throw in a luxury hotel in a labor camp in Tibet, since they do not have any compassion anyway?

And what kinds of people are heartless enough to stay there? Hope you sleep well and can possibly pretend that the screams they hear comes from the neighbors TV…

I think this is horrible and writing an email to St.Regis in Lhasa and to Starwood Hotels to protest and hope you will do the same.

Contact Starwood Hotels and resorts:

Customer Service says: If you would like to comment on a hotel experience, please contact our Customer Service department.  Rest assured you will receive a prompt response.

Contact form on their homepage: 


Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
1111 Westchester Avenue
White Plains, NY 10604

Phone:  (914) 640-8100 Fax: (914) 640-8310

Contact St.Regis Lhasa:



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