Tibet Have NO News Value According To A Swedish Newspaper

Got a good laugh today. Expressen, a newspaper in Sweden write directly under the name:  “Stories that touches you” (Berättande som berör)

So what do they have to tell me that moves me then? A quick look through the paper online reveals nothing at all. So what do they write about today that “touches” me (7/6-11)? What interesting moving stuff do they fill their online edition with except all the ad’s everywhere (and they are a lot!)


  • ·         Thunder pulls in over Sweden
  • ·         Lürh about Sweden’s chances in football EM
  • ·         Expressen got a new bus
  • ·         Download the hottest app you too
  • ·         See our new kitchen, reader pictures
  • ·         Secrets in a box?
  • ·         Every 10:th child lives in poverty
  • ·         How to dress on the sea
  • ·         Stanley cup extra
  • ·         The royal family together after turbulent times
  • ·         Justin Timberlake touched Mila Kunis breasts
  • ·         Play farm-war here
  • ·         Stand still at Saab, no parts
  • ·         Dead man thought to be German
  • ·         Congratulations you get to share 20 million Swedish crowns
  • ·         Should I tell him about the porn?
  • ·         Bombs in Malmö


And the list goes on.


A few weeks ago, I sent a mail to the chief editor Thomas Mattsson asking him why there was so little about the situation in Tibet since China is breaching the Human Rights and about all the violence, torture, forced sterilization and more that is going on there. The answer I received was:


Expressen:16/5 Kl: 15:43


Jag befinner mig i New York nu och kan inte riktigt överblicka hur mycket som det har skrivits om Tibet i svensk media under de senaste åren, men: nyhetsvärdering utgår ju ofta ifrån inte bara vad som de facto händer, utan också vilken tillgänglighet media har till information och vilka resurser och vilket utrymme redaktionerna har för att publicera. Så, tyvärr, enligt denna logik rapporteras det mindre inifrån t ex Nordkorea och Burma – eller Tibet.  


Thomas Mattsson



I am in New York now and do not really have a overlook of how much it has been written about Tibet in the Swedish media in recent years, but: news valuation is based often from not only what is actually happening, but also what access the media has to information and resources and space where the scope editors have to publish. So, unfortunately, by this logic, it is reported less from the inside such as in North Korea and Burma – or Tibet.                     



Thomas Mattsson


What I do wonder now is do they not have any people on Expressen that FINDS information? That bothers to write about serious things that happen every day? Take Tibet as an example; there are cries for help from the Tibetans that a lot of people seem to find but not Swedish media?  Don’t they read what UN and Human Rights Watch write? That EU was recently down in Dharamsala in India talking to the three hunger strikers from TYC (Tibetan Youth Congress)?


Sadly, I believe that what it comes down to have nothing to do with lack of information, it has to do with money, selling papers… And what THAT say about the media OR the Swedish people I’m afraid to think of.

Because surely it must more important to help people from getting tortured, than to read about what this and that celebrity did last night??

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