Two Testimonies About Birth Control And Forced Sterilizations In Tibet


When I was pregnant with my third child, Chinese officials came to my house many times to convince me to have an abortion. They told me that I was not allowed to have a third child and that I should go to the hospital when I was about 5 months pregnant to have an abortion injection. I became very frightened and decide to leave my home until the baby was due. I was afraid I would be forced to have an abortion if I stayed at home. I went to stay with my mother in another village. During the months I stayed with my mother ‘the officials who had told me to get an abortion came to my home about 10 times. They asked my husband where I was. When he said that he didn’t know where I was they slapped him in the face, kicked him and beat him with sticks. They threatened to arrest him if he didn’t tell them where I was and if I didn’t turn up. They carried pistols and handcuffs.

When the baby was due I went home. About one month after the delivery the officials came to my house again and threatened that they would take away all our possessions and arrest my husband . . . . They ordered me to come with them to hospital . . . . I was given an injection in my spine. It was meant to get anesthetics, but in fact I could feel exactly what the doctors were doing. The operation was very painful. There were four beds in the surgery room. I saw with my own eyes how they injected pregnant women with very long needles. They injected the head of the baby with some kind of poison. Later these women had miscarriages in hospital. I saw many fetuses in the toilets. I saw how they were eaten by dogs. The parents weren’t allowed to keep the fetus unless they paid the medical bill for the operation. These bills were so high that nobody could pay them.


I simply let time pass and after some time I went to see her. I told her that I would like to have the child and would pay any amount of money as penalty…

She became extremely angry and warned me, ‘If you do not want to listen and insist on going your way, do it. Paying the fine is just a small matter…. You will be given only 30% of your salary for you to live on, and it will never be increased. Your child’s name will not be registered, so the child will not be allowed to go to a nursery or to school. Possibly you both could be sacked from your jobs.

We did not know that it was such a serious matter or that there were as many regulations as my boss pointed out to me. We thought it would be alright to pay the fine and then we could have our child. Initially, I even thought that she was simply frightening me. But later I learned that there were clear-cut, finalized documents on such matters which are circulated amongst officials, but which were never announced to the public. Under such pressure, I was helpless. I had no choice but to have an abortion.

Most of Tibet’s population do not live in cities but in villages too small to support a hospital. To carry out its family planning programs in the villages, the PRC has established mobile birth control teams, which go from village to village and operate on a large number of women in a very short period of time. The use of force during these “mobilizations” or “blitzes” has been reported. Blake Kerr has relayed the story told by two Buddhist monks, Ngawang Smanla and Tsewan Thondon who the witnessed a Chinese mobile birth control team which set up its tent next to the monks’ monastery in Amdo in 1987 and reported that

“The villagers were informed that all women had to report to the tent for abortions and sterilization or there would be grave consequences. Women who went peacefully to the tents and did not resist received medical care. The women who refused are to go were taken by force, operated on, and given no medical care. Women nine months pregnant had their babies taken out” During the two weeks the birth control tent stood in their cry village, the monks claimed that all pregnant women had abortions followed by sterilization, and every woman of childbearing age was sterilized. “We saw many girls crying, heard their screams as they waited for their turn to go into the tent, and saw the growing pile of fetuses bad outside the tent, which smelled horrible.”

Please read the full report at Tibetjustice:

One thought on “Two Testimonies About Birth Control And Forced Sterilizations In Tibet

  1. All the pro-aborts in the western world are guilty of this crime against the women and children of Tibet also. Countries like New Zealand, Sweden the Netherlands and their anti-woman agenda aslo known as “feminism”. Also people like Pelosi and Clinton and last but not least abortion “champions” like Obama and Amnesty International.

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