Swedish Media Finally Mentioned China!

Days go by without Swedish media reporting about the hunger strike that’s going on in New Delhi. 3 leaders from TYC have been starving themselves for 23 days now and not a single word in Swedish media about that. (read more: http://www.tibetanyouthcongress.org/The-Kalon-Tripa-of-the-Tibetan-Government-in-Exile%20-visits-the-hunger-strikers.html)

However today a newspaper actually wrote something about China.

Was it that they constantly breach the human rights, torture and imprison people unlawfully? That they force Tibetan women to get sterilised, that they kill and torture monks?

No. The article was about exploding melons…  How Chinese farmers use chemicals to make their water melons grow faster and bigger. Is THAT really news worthy? Is it more important to write about a fruit than the fact that China has illegally occupied Tibet?  

That is media for you in Sweden..

Article (in Swedish though): http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article13038017.ab 

 Translation from article:

“Doped melon explodes in China

Poor farmers in Jiangsu have doped their watermelons to get them to mature earlier.
The result? Exploding fruit throughout eastern China.
Several hectares of watermelon have been destroyed in Jiangsu Province in China.
Sudden spontaneous explosions in recent weeks occurred in several places.
The mysterious explosions were investigated by China Central Television, CCT, which quickly found the explanation. According to the TV Company has poor local farmers, hoping to get the harvest finished earlier and thus make more money, pressed in large quantities of chemicals in fruits.
The amount of chemicals then led to that the watermelons did not stop growing, but exploded.
China has long had problems with his great use of growth hormones and chemicals in fruits and vegetables, writes AP.”

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