I Am Very Lucky. I Am Free…

I am very lucky. I am free. I am a Swedish woman living in Scotland, but I have the freedom to move back to my country or any other in Europe at any time, do not have to fear being tortured for raising the Swedish flag, can sing the national anthem without getting thrown into jail. 
No other country has illegally occupied Sweden or tried to rule over us. I can question politicians and how they rule the country, both here in Scotland and in Sweden without fear. 
Do I appreciate it? Yes of course I do, but since it is so natural for me to live like this I do not question it. But how would my life be if I lived for example in Tibet, If my country was not free and If I risk getting tortured or to be killed for my opinions. 
What about my son? Would he even exist?  
It is up to us adults to make sure that all the children in Tibet get to grow up in a free country, because I know that I cannot turn my back on them, can you??

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